Introducing the new
DeepDyve Digital Library

Easy and Affordable Enterprise Literature Management for Small to Medium-sized Businesses

Content Access and Management - Across the Enterprise

The DeepDyve Digital Library combines the largest collection of free, rentable, and downloadable journal articles with a fully integrated suite of workflow and collaboration tools.

  • One-stop, lowest cost access to 100M+ free, rentable and purchasable/downloadable papers
  • Private Cloud Library of your purchased and uploaded PDFs for enterprise-wide access
  • Single, integrated platform to search, organize and access internal and external article content
  • Organization and sharing of articles, folders and citations with all your colleagues
  • Automatic de-duplication of PDF purchases to avoid repeat article purchases
  • Printing & interactive article tools — printing options, full-text search, annotations, highlighting, citation exports, and more

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Access 20M articles and 15,000 journals from the leading publishers

Digital Library Platform - Features

The DeepDyve Digital Library represents the industry’s first fully integrated research literature management solution that seamlessly combines a massive content database with literature workflow and collaboration tools.

Key Platform Benefits:

Affordable Content

Unlock access to millions of paywalled journal articles for a fraction the cost of a PDF purchase.

One-Stop Convenience

No more searching the web and academic libraries to avoid paywalls. 100M+ articles at your fingertips.

Seamless Collaboration

Share folders, articles, and citations with your colleagues — all from one place.

Enterprise-wide Access

Upload purchased PDFs into your private Cloud Library to simplify and centralize your content holdings.

Reduced Waste

Purchase PDFs with confidence by renting and reading first. And, DeepDyve automatically checks your transaction history to avoid duplicate purchases across the enterprise.

Our Clients - Come join us!

DeepDyve is the fastest growing enterprise literature management company. We work with hundreds of small to medium-sized companies across the globe who rely on us to help solve their literature access and management challenges. Our clients span many research-driven industries such as:

  • Biopharma and medical devices
  • High tech and engineering
  • Health care and social services
  • Food and agriculture
  • Professional services
  • Nonprofits and NGO’s